Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Let us bring your old photos back to life, with decades of experience, We use a custom blend of old and new technology to restore and create the very best restoration possible. Depending on the image you send us, there are several tricks we can perform including changing the background, removing various objects (such as a person) and adding in new objects.

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Photo Restoration

Restoring an old photograph back to it's former glory makes for an ideal gift to give an older relative. We would stress though that sometimes when restoring an image we cant always guarantee results. If the original photograph provided to us is in a real state of disrepair or has had a drink spilt over it, the process of restoration can be difficult, however we will tell you at the start what the chances of success are. When a job is blatantly too difficult we will tell you straight away rather than take your money and provide you with a piece of work you are not happy with. In most cases we can restore an old or faded photograph to nearly 90 per cent of its original quality.

In addition to restoring old photographs, we can take new photographs and perform multiple tricks! You might for example have a family photograph in which you would like to see one of the family members edited out! Likewise in that same photo you might like to see a new member added. Or perhaps the background of the photo needs changing. You might like us to cut out all the family members from the original background and place them on a tropical beach or perhaps even the moon!


We are able to brighten up images which are too dark and vice versa. We can merge images together, fade one image into another, super impose text onto images, re touch images, air brush images to make the people in them look younger! It's a bold statement but we are prepared to say that in the area of photo restoration and image manipulation there is almost nothing we can't do.

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